A valid COVID certificate is mandatory for all exhibitors and visitors!

Exhibitors can reserve their desired number of meters of tables from August . A reservation has the advantages that

  • the desired number of meters of tables is guaranteed;
  • setup can begin 1 1/2 hours before the general opening of the hall (from 7:00 am);
  • the reserved table will be kept free until 08:30 am (for late arrivals, if necessary);
  • setup can be carried out more quickly because, thanks to the pre-paymant, no more time is lost with administration (payment, exhibitor badge, etc.);
  • the allocation of tables will be published on the hall map on the internet before the Surplus Party.

If not all tables have already been reserved in advance, you can rent tables directly from the event at 08:30 am.

Reserations can be made as long as there are free table meters, but can be accepted by mid-October at the latest. Then the definitive hall layout is drawn up and the reservation documents are sent.


Conditions of sale of goods

With the reservation of table meters you accept the conditions for the sale of goods.

Only items from amateur radio (out of the hobby room, new and used devices, etc.) and its environment as well as from the IT world may be offered for sale. We reserve the right to expel material (such as pans, clothes, food, etc.) that are completely different from the hall!

Only tables are provided, but no chairs, walls, etc. You need to bring enough cables and a little Ham-Spirit with you to draw power. The stability of the 230V network depends on the capabilities and needs of the OMs.



The tables are available for CHF 20.- per meter. No further sales tax or the like is required. The CHF 20.- are the only levy to be paid.

Entry to the Surplus Party is free for all visitors!

There are sufficient parking spaces available (~750 parking spaces within a maximum of 800 meters from the hall).
The parking spaces directly at the hall are reserved for exhibitors. Access is only possible with a "Surplus Party" parking card. The parking spaces are also subject to charges. The parking card only authorizes entry directly in front of the hall, but does not replace the necessary parking ticket.


Reservation Form

The reservation is closed. Please ask at the Surplus Party if you want to rent a table.