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In 1976, the company "Telekabel Zofingen AG" installed tv-recevier antennas on a 50 meters high mast in the middle of the forest on the "Hochwacht" in Oftringen. From there, thousands of households in the region were provided with tv signals from Switzerland, Germany, France and Austria. That was truly a small revolution at this time. With the distribution of these signals through underground cables, whole forests of antennas on the rooftops could be eliminated. With the upcoming satellite technology in the 80's the facility was more and more superseded and was finally shut down about ten years ago.

After some years of clarification and preparation our club got all the necessary permissions for the conversion into a ham-radio facility. At March 13th, 2009 (hopefully friday 13th was a good omen) the contract has been signed. Since then we renovated the associated operational building in uncounted hours of work and started the installation of the equipment.

The Hochwacht can be approached either


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A simple status page (work in progress) shows the operating status of the Hochwacht equipment on and contains manuals for the internet remote operation.


SDR = Software Defined Radio receiver ( connected through the internet. SDR allows that different listeners, independent of frequency and transmission mode, use the same receiver.

Start the receiver:

The receiver on the Hochwacht consists of:

For testing purposes (rain scatter spotter) also a 3cm receiver is sometimes active.

70cm Relay

Technical Details

LocationHochwacht, Zofingen, JN37XH
Tx-frequency439.150 MHz
Rx-frequency431.550 MHz
Tx-subaudio71.9 Hz
Rx-subaudio71.9 Hz
Bandwith25 kHz
Modulation modeFM, 16K0F3E
Power25 W
Power SupplyMean Well AD-155A, 13.8 V, 10.5 A
Elevation644 m asl
TransceiverKenwood TK-8180
ReceiverKenwood TK-8180
Antenna txDiamond X-5000, vertical, 8.3 dBi
Antenna rxDiamond X-5000, vertical, 8.3 dBi
ControllerHomebrew HB9TUF
Openingwith subaudio respectively CTCSS 71.9 Hz
IdentifierVoice "HB9UF Relais Zofingen JN37XH Subaudio 71.9"
transmitted without subaudio tone
Trailer5 seconds

23cm Relay

Technical Details

LocationHochwacht, Zofingen, JN37XH
Tx-frequency1'258.150 MHz
Rx-frequency1'293.150 MHz
Bandwidth25 kHz
Modulation modeFM, 16K0F3E
Elevation644 m asl
Antenna txDiamond X-5000, vertical, 8.3 dBi
Antenna rxDiamond X-5000, vertical, 8.3 dBi
OpeningWith carrier
Trailer3 seconds

2m D-Star Relay

Technical Details

CallsignHB9DS C
LocationHochwacht, Zofingen, JN37XH
Tx-frequency145'662.5 MHz
Rx-frequency145'062.5 MHz
Elevation644 m asl


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